William Blake

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell


A Limited Edition of William Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is now available to order. Exact replicas of all 27 plates present in the 9 original copies of The Marriage of Heaven and Hell have been relief etched and are now available to print. Each plate will be printed monochrome in one of the colours of ink that Blake specially mixed to print the early copies, including brick red, charcoal black, yellow ochre, charcoal green and raw umber. 

The edition is limited to 20 sets. Each set is printed to order on hand-made wove paper made by W. S. Hodgkinson and Co. around 1927 and presented in an archival drop-back box matching the Limited Edition sets of the Songs of Innocence and of Experience. Both Limited Edition sets are to be followed by sets of eight plates each from America a ProphecyEurope a Prophecy and finally Jerusalem, presented in the same format.

Included in each set is a bound pamphlet printed in letterpress describing how the replica relief-etched copper plates were made and printed. The colophon notes the number of the set in the edition and that the letterpress has been set in Bell types and hand-printed by Paul W. Nash at the Strawberry Press, Moreton-in-Marsh. 

The complete set of all 27 plates of The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is now available to order. Price on Request.  For further information please contact Michael Phillips.

Proof impression of the Title page

Proof impression of Plate 15 ‘A Memorable Fancy’ (‘I was in a Printing House in Hell’)

Proof impression of Plate 3, ‘As a new Heaven is begun

Proof impression of Plate 24 ‘One Law for the Lion & Ox is Oppression

27 Plates of the Limited Edition

1. Title page, 156 x 105 mm
2. The Argument, 153 x 107 mm
3. As a new heaven is begun, 158 x 112 mm
4. The Voice of the Devil, 137 x 107 mm
5. Those who restrain desire, 152 x 109 mm
6. -ah fell. & formed a heaven, 154 x 103 mm
7. Proverbs of Hell, 157 x 109 mm
8. Proverbs of Hell, 156 x 107 mm
9. Proverbs of Hell, 155 x 106 mm
10. Proverbs of Hell, 156 x 104 mm
11. The Ancient Poets, 152 x 103 mm
12. A Memorable Fancy, 155 x 107 mm
13. would at last be proved, 153 x 110 mm
14. The ancient tradition (printing in the infernal method), 154 x 105 mm

15. A Memorable Fancy (I was in a Printing house in Hell), 158 x 103 mm
16. The Giants who formed this world, 168 x 106 mm
17. to reconcile them seeks to destroy existence, 167 x 105 mm
18. root of an oak he was suspended, 159 x 106 mm
19. us with all the fury of a spiritual existence, 166 x 104 mm
20. number of monkeys, baboons, & all of that species, 148 x 107 mm
21. I have always found that Angels, 156 x 104 mm
22. one on earth that ever broke a net, 153 x 111 mm
23. greatest men best, 153 x 106 mm
24. -pulse: not from rules. (One Law for the Lion & Ox is Oppression), 154 x 112 mm
25. A Song of Liberty, 146 x 113 mm
26. hurld the new born wonder, 150 x 108 mm
27. he promulgates his ten commands, 154 x 110 mm