William Blake

Songs of Innocence and of Experience

A selection of plates printed by Michael Phillips on the replica of William Blake’s rolling press in Christ Church Upper Library, OXFORD MMXVI



6 of 20 sets remain

The Limited Edition includes 16 plates from the Songs of Innocence and of Experience (1789-94) printed by Michael Phillips and listed below. Printed on English hand-made wove paper of c.1927 and presented in a labeled drop-back box, each set is printed to order using the same specially mixed dark blue and blue-green ink that Blake used to print examples of the illuminated books in the 1790s. All 41 plates of the Songs that have been re-created are available to be printed and included upon request.

A bound pamphlet printed in letterpress describing how the replica relief-etched copper plates were made and printed is included together with a photograph of the replica of Blake’s wooden star-wheel rolling press. The colophon notes the number of the set in the edition and that the letterpress has been set in Bell types and hand-printed by Paul W. Nash at the Strawberry Press, Moreton-in-Marsh.

16 Plates of the Limited Edition

1. General title page, Songs of Innocence and of Experience, 1794

Songs of Experience

9. Frontispiece
10. Title page
11. The Tyger
12. Holy Thursday
13. The Chimney Sweeper
14. Nurses Song
15. London
16. A Divine Image

Songs of Innocence

2. Frontispiece
3. Title page
4. The Lamb
5. Holy Thursday
6. The Chimney Sweeper
7. Nurses Song
8. The Divine Image


Additional Plates

Additional plates from the Songs may be selected from the list below to increase the total up to 41 plates per set. The entire suite of impressions will then be printed to order.

Songs of Experience

31. Introduction
32. Earth's Answer
33. The Human Abstract
34. The Clod & the Pebble
35. The Fly
36. The Sick Rose
37. A Poison Tree
38. My Pretty Rose Tree, Ah Sun-Flower, The Lilly
39. A Little Boy Lost
40. A Little Girl Lost
41. To Tirzah

Songs of Innocence

17. Introduction
18. The Shepherd
19. The Echoing Green (Plate 1)
20. The Little Boy Lost
21. The Little Boy Found
22. The Little Girl Lost
23. The Little Girl Found
24. The Little Girl Found (continued)
25. A Cradle Song
26. A Cradle Song (continued)
27. The Little Black Boy
28. The Little Black Boy (continued)
29. On Anothers Sorrow
30. The Voice of the Ancient Bard

This Limited Edition of the Songs is the first in a series of very small limited editions of hand-printed plates from Blake’s illuminated books that will include sets of plates from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (c. 1793), America a Prophecy (1793), Europe a Prophecy (1794) and Jerusalem (1804-20). Each set will be presented in a similar manner to the Songs of Innocence and of Experience. For enquiries please contact Michael Phillips.