William Blake

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell



20 sets – first sets available from April 2018

In 2018, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell will be available in a Limited Edition printed monochrome in colours in the manner of the first copies. It will include all 27 plates and be limited to 20 sets, each printed to order. Presented in the same manner as the Limited Edition of the Songs of Innocence and of Experience, both sets will be followed by limited edition sets of America a Prophecy, Europe a Prophecy, and Jerusalem, each of 8 plates.

Also included will be a bound pamphlet printed in letterpress describing how the replica relief-etched copper plates were made and printed. The colophon will note the number of the set in the edition and that the letterpress has been set in Bell types and hand-printed by Paul W. Nash at the Strawberry Press, Moreton-in-Marsh.

This Limited Edition of The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is the second in a series of very small limited editions of hand-printed plates from Blake’s illuminated books that will include sets of plates from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (c. 1793), America a Prophecy (1793), Europe a Prophecy (1794) and Jerusalem (1804-20). Each set will be presented in a similar manner to Songs of Innocence and of Experience. Learn more about forthcoming limited editions by contacting Michael Phillips.