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Shown below are representative impressions from William Blake's illuminated books printed by Michael Phillips. Examples like these, or any chosen from the complete list of plates available to print given below, may be ordered for purchase. Once an order has been placed Michael will be notified of the order and your email address to which he will reply to confirm if an impression is in stock, and the colour of ink and paper that have been used to print the impression, or to offer to print one specially.

How to Buy:

Click on the illustrated print to see papers and colours of ink available and to place your order. Click on the image again to see an enlargement. Following the illustrated examples is a complete list of the plates available to order using Custom orders & enquiries. 

The following is a complete list of the plates from Blake's illuminated books that have been re-created and are available for printing. Printed impressions from many of these plates are in stock or can be printed to order, singly or in sets. Old hand-made wove and laid papers are used for printing and each sheet is torn to the same size that Blake used, for the smaller plates like the Songs either 190 x 140 or 280 x 190 mm., and for the larger plates like those from America and Europe, 380 x 280 mm. To enquire about ordering and obtain a quotation please complete the form in Custom orders & enquiries.


Songs of Innocence and of Experience, 1794

General title page, Songs of Innocence and of Experience, 1794

 Songs of Innocence, 1789


Title page


The Shepherd

The Ecchoing Green (Plate 1)

The Lamb

Holy Thursday

The Chimney Sweeper

Nurses Song

The Divine Image

The Little Boy Lost

The Little Boy Found

The Little Girl Lost

The Little Girl Found

The Little Girl Found (continued)

A Cradle Song

A Cradle Song (continued)

The Little Black Boy

The Little Black Boy (continued)

On Anothers Sorrow

The Voice of the Ancient Bard

Songs of Experience, 1793/94


Title page


Earth’s Answer

The Tyger

Holy Thursday

The Chimney Sweeper

Nurses Song

The Human Abstract


The Clod & the Pebble

The Fly

The Sick Rose

A Poison Tree

My Pretty Rose Tree, Ah Sun-Flower, The Lilly

A Little Boy Lost

A Little Girl Lost

To Tirzah

A Divine Image


The Marriage of Heaven and Hell [1790-1793]

The following plates are now available to print, with more to follow. A Limited Edition of a selection of 16 plates from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is planned for publication in 2017, with the option of printing specially a complete set of all 27 plates.

Plate 1, Title page

Plate 3, “As a new heaven is begun”

Plate 7, “-roding fires he wrote”

Plate 8, “Proverbs of Hell.”

Plate 9, “Proverbs of Hell.”

Plate 10, “Proverbs of Hell.”

Plate 14, “The ancient tradition”

Plate 15, “A Memorable Fancy”

Plate 21, “I have always found that Angels”

Plate 24, “-pulse, not from rules.”

Plate 25, “A Song of Liberty”


Visions of the Daughters of Albion, 1793

Plate 1, Frontispiece

America a Prophecy, 1793

Plate 1, Frontispiece

Plate 2, Title page

Plate 5, “A/PROPHECY/The Guardian Prince of Albion”

Plate 8, "The morning comes, the night decays"

Plate 9, "In thunders ends the voice"

Plate 10, "The terror answerd: I am Orc"

Plate 11, "Sound! Sound! my loud war trumpets"

Plate 12, "Thus wept the Angel"


Europe a Prophecy, 1794

Plate 1, Frontispiece

Plate 2, Title page

Plate 8, [Two women and a dead child before a hearth]

Plate 9, “Arise O Rintrah eldest born”

Plate 10, Enitharmon slept”

Plate 13, “LORD [H]AVE MERC[Y] ON US”

Plate 15, "The red limb'd Angel”

Plate 17, "Shot from the heights of Enitharmon”


Jerusalem, c. 1804-1820

Title page
Plate 37 [41], “Bath who is legions”
Plate 51 [Vala, Hyle, and Skofield]
Plate 62, “Repose on me till the morning”
Plate 73, “Such are Cathedrons golden Halls”
Plate 84, “Highgates heights & Hampsteads”