William Blake

Prints from Stock

The prints from stock listed below are priced at significantly less than they would be if they were commissioned, where, for example, the colour of ink and choice of paper would be discussed, selected and printed to order. In general, the prints listed here are less than half price.

Many are impressions printed at Blake printmaking demonstrations or following the printing of impressions that have been ordered, where a second impression has been taken from the same inked plate. The thinner ink brings out different hues from the colour-mix of pigments and, as a result of the greater pressure needed to print a second impression, the contours of the relief-etched copper plate are embossed in the fabric of the paper, creating a three-dimensional effect, or ‘ghost’ of the delicate relief printing surfaces, that many prefer.

All have been printed on old English hand-made wove papers that in colour, weight and texture closely match those that Blake used. The size of the sheets also match those Blake printed on, before they were trimmed in binding, as happened to all but a handful of copies of the original illuminated books.


Songs of Innocence and of Experience

Visions of the Daughters of Albion, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell & America a Prophecy

Europe a Prophecy


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